Allen C. – Business Owner

“Markus practices law with knowledge, integrity, and thoroughness. He doesn’t cut corners, and has represented my businesses with excellence. I trust him.”

Jeff S. – Partner, Accounting Firm

“Markus is a very competent and knowledgeable attorney, especially in the practice areas of M&A and general business law. I have referred clients to Markus on several occasions and he has always provided them with timely, diligent and high-quality service. I would highly recommend Markus without any hesitation.”

Joe M. – Investment Banker / Business Broker

​​”I am pleased to recommend Markus May as a highly ethical and competent business attorney. He has personally closed more of our M&A transactions than any other attorney. The clients were well served by him. From our perspective, he has never killed any of our deals and has in fact, rescued troubled deals being handled by other law firms.”

David G. – Business Owner, Sales and Marketing Manager

“Markus is a visionary lawyer that listens first, then orchestrates his clients on how to protect themselves and their investment. He is seasoned in all the facets of a LLC buy/sell agreement along with all the associated legal documents. His ability to think beyond the obvious will strengthen your position in any negotiation. Markus is a wonderful individual to work with and we were fortunate to have him on our side of the legal fence. He was instrumental in developing our operating agreement along with many other related business documents. Markus May is our attorney and we will welcome his legal services anytime as we continue to grow.”

Chris Z. – Marketing Manager

“Markus May’s profile says he is a business attorney who helps people operate, buy, sell, and start businesses and solve business related legal problems. The key word in that sentence is “help.” Markus will help you anyway he can. Whether you are looking for help with your business or just looking for his opinion, recommendation or to ask for an introduction, he is there for you.”

Jack P. – Former Major Leaguer, Author, Baseball Instructor

“If you are looking to work with a real professional, Markus May is the person. It only took a couple of minutes after meeting Markus to know he was the person I wanted to work with. He is very thorough and at the same time very personable, genuine, trustworthy and dedicated. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again sometime.”

Cary C. – Commercial Banker

“Markus and I have known each other for years and I trust Markus to take care of everyone I refer to him. He follows up promptly and gives honest and thoughtful recommendations. We have also conducted seminars together and he was always well prepared and offered valuable information. I highly recommend Markus for your business legal needs.”

Dan L. – President and CEO

“I have had the pleasure of working with Markus on several occasions. He is a true professional, with a great understanding of business and entrepreneurial law subjects. Markus is very ethical and diligent in his work. I would highly recommend Markus and his firm to help you meet your legal needs.

Mike R. – Business Owner

“Markus handled the buy end of my purchase of my company in 2007. I found to Markus to be thorough and he did the deal without any hitches along the way. He is highly experienced in business purchases and can offer good advice and counsel through the process.”

Brian E. – Partner at Accounting Firm

“Markus is my kind of attorney – knowledgeable, honest and fair. I have sent my own clients to Markus and he always makes me look good. Who could ask for more?”

Michael R. – Managing Director, Investment Banking Firm

“I have known Markus for several years and sit on the board of MBBI with him. He is hardworking, knowledgeable, trustworthy and likable. I recommend him without reservation.”

Kevin T. – Business Owner

“Markus has been our corporate attorney from the early days. He has helped us grow from 2-3 people to our current size. What I value most about Markus is that he focuses on our needs and delivering value to us as cost-effectively as possible. He always suggests multiple approaches to a problem, when appropriate, so that we can together decide what the best course of action is. “

Mike V. – Business Owner

“Markus helped me when I started a new business. My venture was fairly small and other attorneys I had spoken with seemed to minimize my concerns. However, I sensed that Markus gave me the same high-level professional advice and service that he gives his largest clients. This speaks to his character and the high level of integrity with which he operates. He gets my highest recommendation.”

Ty E. – Business Owner

“Markus’s experience in business sales is obvious when you meet him and talk to him. He knows exactly what should be looking for and how to view a transaction. Markus believes in protecting his client and making the deal work for both parties. Attorneys have the reputation of making business deals not work. Markus looks to make the deal work!!”

R. Palmer – Attorney

“Markus is a very client-focused, experienced business lawyer. … I can recommend his work without reservation.”

Bill B. – Business Owner

“Markus has been my company’s attorney for the last several years. I have come to appreciate his expertise. I value his attention to detail and I believe him to be a fair and honorable man. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with him and would certainly recommend him to others.”

T. Patel – Business Owner

“Markus has been a pleasure to work with and has provided valuable service and advice for our business. He really knows how to work with small businesses, and is a great resource.”

Todd C. – Investment Banker / Business Broker

“I have known Markus for a number of years and have a great deal of respect for his energy, drive, enthusiasm, ingenuity and commitment. … I worked on a deal last year with Markus as the sell side representation and it was a pleasure knowing the seller had good council and an understanding of the importance in moving the deal to closing. I believe any client should strongly consider working with Markus as I am confident that Markus would apply these strong traits and skill sets to any client.”

Julie C. – Business Owner

“We found Markus May on LinkedIn during our search for an attorney specializing in Small Business Law. He was hired to draft contracts and agreements that we use directly and online with new corporate and individual clients. The travel industry is heavily regulated and agreements can be complex especially when representing products in other countries. Our conversations with Markus were easy, thoughtful and thorough. The agreements that resulted are comprehensive and adaptable. The advice he has offered our company has been invaluable. I highly recommend his services.”